Top pharmaceutical companies and their work

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most vital industries with a certain tendency of further growth, estimated at about 900 billion US dollars. It has over 160 pharmaceutical companies with 50,000 different drugs and medicinal substances. Its further growth implies the consolidation of pharmaceutical companies, the emergence of a large number of generic companies, and the development of small companies whose core activity is the research and development of new pharmaceutical products.

Key parameters: revenues and costs of research and development

The list of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world in 2015 is based on two key parameters: revenue and R & D costs. These parameters are complementary in assessing the company’s position in the long run. Many argue that profit would be a more appropriate parameter, but in the case of the best pharmaceutical companies, revenue is still the most appropriate parameter. In the pharmaceutical industry, the development of drugs lasts for several years, so the new drug would not immediately be a source of income. However, this could be seen as the only way to secure the company in the long run.

AbbVie (United States)

With a strong focus on research and strategic acquisition, it offers a stiff competition in the leading companies in this industry. Last year, the acquisition of pharmaceutical company Pharmacyclics was announced, focusing on helping people manage serious health problems. It consists of scientists, researchers, specialists and regulatory experts – a diverse portfolio and over 100 years of heritage. It owns more than 40 brands in its portfolio. It has been since 2013.

Eli Lilly (United States)

American Pharmaceutical Chemist (American Pharmaceutical Chemist) was founded by Eli Lilly. It has its R & D center in 6 countries (8,000 employees in the center) and production units in 13 countries. The company is known for its focus on research and development. It is present in various fields of medicine such as biomedicine, diabetes, oncology and animal health.

AstraZeneca (United Kingdom)

It has an extremely diverse portfolio of drugs in several departments, including neuroscience and cancer. It operates in several countries, including India. It is intensively focused on research, development and acquisition activities. It has the different portfolio in various areas of medicine (CVM, oncology, respiratory system, autoimmune diseases and others).